QBISS AIR: Contemporary Curtains

In today’s contemporary architecture and construction landscape, advanced technology, intelligent design and high performance are paramount. And Qbiss Air, answering the call for increasingly popular yet more advanced curtain wall systems, delivers in spades.

The art of high performance design
Qbiss Air is the complete answer to curtain wall systems, whatever the application or context. It’s a unique single-skin glass façade that offers all the performance and benefits of an active double-skin façade. As a premium, unitized glass curtain wall system, Qbiss Air uses an innovative, multi-chamber insulating core, which delivers exceptional energy efficiency, real, tangible comfort and refined design.
The Qbiss Air curtain wall system consists of a series of factory-engineered insulated sandwich glass units manufactured using advanced structural glazing technology that provides recessed joints throughout. In fact it may well be the world’s best-performing glass curtain wall system, featuring the thinnest glass curtain wall with the highest thermal insulation.

Superior energy efficiency
Today energy efficiency represents a core issue, but one also closely connected with thermal and visual performance. Qbiss Air provides superior energy efficiency while preventing excessive solar heat gain; and as no exterior solar shading is necessary, it delivers unimpeded visual contact with the environment. Even acoustics have been well taken into consideration: Qbiss Air provides excellent working and living environments with superior noise control and sound insulation levels up to 60 dB.
And ever flexible, Qbiss Air is available in transparent, translucent and opaque glass options, together with an extensive choice of decorative glass options. Similarly, structural, flush interior and exterior looks are also available. The system employs an integrated substructure and features sealing and fixing elements, architectural details, corner elements, integrated window and door elements, even two structural supporting system options employing polymer or aluminum extrusion profiles. All the while maintaining minimal wall thickness for optimal space gain.
As a result, Qbiss Air has something for everyone, from architects, designers, developers and engineers all along the chain to the end-user. It’s where all of the key inputs come together to create something very special: where creative design ideas and aspirations meets innovative, high performance technology; for maximum realizations, execution and comfort.

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