REX KRALJ: Now and Forever

Rex Kralj products are beautiful, refined pieces. But they’re far more than inspired design pieces, they’re made to celebrate creativity and innovation in those who own and use them. Clean, logical and technically perfect details are joined to form a smart and functional composition, one that understands and respects wood and natural materials.

In order to complete the line of his highly popular and much desired Rex chairs back in 1957, designer extraordinaire Niko Kralj developed two additional pieces of foldable wooden furniture – the Rex Coffee Table and the Rex Daybed for children. Similarly, his Stool CC was created with the intention to suit every taste and situation. As a result, it blends well into practically any setting, yet remains a unique piece, and its cross-type construction gives the impression that the stool floats effortlessly above its legs.

The company may still have a way to go to getting widely and firmly established on the world map of design furniture. But the fact remains, they have succeeded in bringing to life many of founder Niko Kralj’s designs – and getting them into homes, offices, institutions and museums all over Europe.

“To be a big, upmarket player – like Minotti, Vitra, Knoll etc. – in today’s design furniture market you have to invest incredible amounts of money, much of it in advertising and branding”, says Managing Director Žiga Vrhovec. “Instead, as a smaller specialty producer we put a lot of dedication, research, endless hard work, and new, alternative approaches into developing and growing our lines; into producing quality, unique and affordable design furnishings.”

Now this past year alone Rex Kralj chairs were included in a project for BNP Paribs Cardif Insurance headquarters in Bucharest, the 4455 Chair was custom made for a showroom in Moscow, and Rex Kralj  became part of yet another permanent collection in one of Europe’s most distinguished museums, The International Museum Munich.

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