RLS SENSORS: A Sense of Control

In today’s increasingly automated world smart and reliable sensors and complete sensor solutions play an integral part in keeping things running smoothly, efficiently and reliably.

In fact there isn’t an industry or wider application or system that doesn’t rely on sensors to control key processes, to keep the wheels of manufacturing and myriad tasks and operations on track – without the need for unnecessary outside control or intervention. RLS well understands this need, designing, producing and supplying advanced rotary and linear motion sensors to meet the fast-growing global demand for flexible, quality, high-performance sensor applications. RLS solutions like their LM13 encoder system brings reliable solutions to tough, hard-working applications including woodworking, stone-cutting, sawing, metalworking, textiles, packaging, plastics processing, automation and assembly systems, laser cutting, electronic assembly equipment and more.

And the robust yet simple design of RLS magnetic encoders meets the demand for reliable low-cost operation. With IP68 sealing and wide operational temperature ranges the encoders regularly endure extreme environmental conditions. With extended temperature range and high shock- and vibration resistance, RLS magnetic encoders offer excellent feedback solutions for aircraft applications. Small and lightweight, they’re even ideal for motors fitted to ultralight self-launching gliders and similar. And RLS magnetic encoders are also a reliable sensing solution for solar thermal power facilities. Working 24/7 across a temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C they’re an integral part of producing renewable, pollution-free energy.Back down on the ground, LM10 encoders with distance-coded reference mark options are a cost-effective solution for escalator applications, wherein the sensor can re-establish absolute position after traversing even short travel distances. No delays, no worries – because RLS magnetic encoders provide reliable, low-cost operation provided by easy-to-install, maintenance-free solutions.
Looking to even higher-tech processes, RLS recently announced the launch of high-performance miniature encoder sensors for embedded OEM motion control applications. With their miniature and lightweight design they’re perfect for medical applications, optics positioning, robot control, 3D printers, gimbals and various hand-held devices.

RLS is an associate company of Renishaw, a world leading metrology company that holds a 50% share in RLS, and which sells and supports RLS magnetic encoders through an extensive global network.

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