SEAWAY: The Environmentally Friendly Future Of Motor-boating

Greenline 33

Motor-boating represents the vast majority of all boating activity. It also faces a number of considerable challenges today, including growing environmental concerns, high fuel costs and consumption, and CO2 emissions. 

Seaway’s Greenline 33, however, makes innovative use of diesel-electric hybrid and solar- powered drive systems. This combination enables the Greenline 33 to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions so much as to match the consumption of a 33-foot sailboat with a small auxiliary diesel engine.

The hybrid boat is the brainchild of the world's largest marine development company, with over 55,000 boats built to their design. The roster Seaway clients includes many of the world’s biggest names in sailing and motor-boating. Apart from developing boats for other companies Seaway boasts three lines of their own: Shipman sailboats, Skagen powerboats and the new hybrid Greenline.



Yet another surprise comes in location – the company itself is located some 180 kilometres  from the sea, at the foot of the Slovenian Alps. Since its entrance on the world market Greenline has picked up numerous prizes in several European countries, including the most recent European Boat of the Year title for 2009.