STUBELJ: Cleaner Energy Solutions

Stubelj Power Generation Sets

Last year the Stubelj company took a big step in the further development and manufacture of power generation facilities when they took part in the production of the first biodiesel plants in Slovenia. The plants use renewable energy sources to produce cleaner, smarter heat and electricity, for which Stubelj designed and manufactured a biodiesel-powered drive train.

The driveline consists of a motor-generator works, which produces electricity and heat (CHP) as well as a control switch for the control of the machine and to transmit electricity to the grid. The drive train is capable of producing 950 kW and 950 kW of electric heat. 

The complete set, which Stubelj designed and implemented for the biodiesel plant is entirely their own knowhow and production, and reaffirms their leading role in developing and manufacturing a range of generating sets and other power plants in Slovenia.

Stubelj is a Slovenian generating set manufacturer producing diesel, gas, bi-fuel and biodiesel generating sets on a specific per-customer basis, so each product is created according to exact briefs and specifications. Production ranges, in terms of output, from as little as 10 to as much as 3500 kVA.

Owing to the quality and flexibility of production, together with comprehensive service and maintenance programs Stubelj is well positioned to deliver entire systems for clients as diverse as hydro electric plants, hospitals, TV- and GSM-antenna stations to office and industrial complexes, ports, farms and more. 

More recently Stubelj, in cooperation with SIQ (Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology), just completed the field testing of their generating set for military purposes in accordance with MIL standards, the aim of which was to demonstrate the ruggedness and reliability of quality operation under the toughest of conditions.

Today the company is working to strengthen work in cooperation with other companies and institutions to increase the production and use of alternative and renewable energy sources within a larger integrated energy production set in Slovenia and beyond.