Adria Mobil has developed the first compact camper with slide-out technology.

Slide-out technology enables the instant transformation of a lightweight, compact camper into a more spacious one. The living space remains unchanged and functional throughout the journey, and the walls slide out only when users desire the extra space.

Until recently, slide-out technology was reserved for large, expensive, luxury caravans, which are mainly built and used on the American market. They usually demand a higher than B-class drivers licence. With slide-out technology now vailable in the compact segment of caravans, it is suddenly accessible to a much wider range of users.


The Compact Slide Out Adria Mobil SLS belongs to a group of small vehicles especially designed for dynamic users. The new compacts with slide-out technology offer all the benefits of the compact range, including new interior design, the Smart Kitchen and Ergo Bathroom, plus the unique extendable bedroom feature. A fully water-sealed interior compartment, which operates electronically and silently to create long or central beds with a 70 cm extension.

With its width of 212 cm and length under 6 m, this is a nimble, fast, and easy to manage caravan.

This innovation received the Gold Award at the 10th Slovenian Innovation Forum, the highest national award for innovation.

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Adria mobil, d.o.o., Novo mesto, Slovenia