UNIKI: Developing Intelligent Media

Uniki interactive spaces

Touch screens are everywhere today, used to control any number of devices and operations. Going a step beyond are touchless creative interactive spaces: an interactive quiz controlled by hand gestures, and games played by moving your body position? Sounds like sci-fi but it’s very real – and very convincing. Uniki displays help present ideas more convincingly and impressively; they attract more attention and result in more audience engagement, bringing the interactivity of the web into the real world – without a touch.

Their unique interactivity without touch gives rise to innovative solutions for advertising, event management, interior design, education, and institutions like museums and similar, through intuitive interfaces. That’s the company's core business – devising creative space for the presentation and management of multimedia content – and all simply by moving the user's body, through various gestures and the use of dedicated markers or designs.

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A touchless flip-through digital catalogue controlled only by hand gestures takes users through the Porsche Slovenija experience; and an interactive flight destination map-space for Adria Airways is controlled entirely by hand gestures, with weekly offers automatically synchronised with the company website.

As part of the Ljubljana university incubator (LUI) Uniki was a finalist in the European start-up competition SeedCamp 08 in London, and won 2nd place at the European entrepreneurship competition UNICA in Paris.