VISIONECT: World s first rugged commercial e-paper solution

Visionect Tablets

While personal tablets, smart phones and e-readers are coming on stream and into the wider marketplace as the real-solution personal computers, they are not ready for commercial use. As a rule they’re not rugged, are expensive, lack autonomy, and don’t withstand rough treatment like falls, spills and the like.

But these tablet devices developed by Visionect run for months without a recharge, can be washed in a washing machine, and are the first tablets in the world with no buttons – not even an ON/OFF switch. A simple touch, and they work.

And the applications are endless: hotels have individually configured catalogues for every room – with interactive experience integrated directly into all hotel services: ordering from restaurant menus, guests can read news, check weather, play games and more. In hospitals staff can instantly access all medical records, enter data, order procedures, all online. Maintenance staff anywhere can easily access data from archives, order parts and check specifications – all instantly with only a small tablet in their pocket.

Ljubljana-based Visionect was founded in 2007 by three entrepreneurs with management, hardware and software backgrounds. Developing custom-designed electronic solutions for various clients, Visionect has worked to refine their vision of the ultimate commercial e-paper device. In three short and productive years, Visionect has worked on more than 25 electronic solution projects and received numerous international awards.