WOODSTER WOODEN BIKES: Natural Artistry Meets Precision Technology

There are many reasons for choosing Woodster wooden bikes, all of them good: quality, comfort, design, performance, style and more.

The bike is designed using state of the art 3D computer technology, and its highly stable yet light hollow wooden frame is carved with a CNC machine, exploiting state of the art technology to ensure precision and avoid unnecessary waste.
Why wood? The reasons are many: it’s beautiful, natural, elegant, organic, comfortable and sustainable. Wood is capable of absorbing more energy than other (typically metal) materials, so riding a Woodster bike puts significantly less strain on your spine and joints – which makes it ideal for anyone who’s actively conscious about their health. And the ergonomic profile and shock absorbing qualities make it extremely comfortable and is part of a superior riding experience that will make you change the way you think about bikes and cycling.

You’ll also feel good about riding around on wood – Slovenian beech plywood and ash – harvested from sustainably maintained forests, which reduces carbon emissions over buying and riding a metal bike many times over. And a Woodster bike is unique, because after precision CNC cutting each bike is hand-finished.
Woodster founder Iztok Mohorič, a graduate in Wood Science and Technology from the University of Ljubljana, is passionate about wood, and points to it (not too hard, as it covers 60% of the country) as one of Slovenia’s greatest treasures. And while a passionate mountain bike rider he lives in the city, where mountain bikes aren’t the most comfortable nor appropriate for the more casual city biking. For him it’s all about doing something good for yourself. After all the good, “hard” reasons to own and ride a Woodster there’s the more intangible factors: the feeling of moving about on an instrument of elegant, natural beauty and unmistakable style. Because you can ride your Woodster to work, navigate town and enjoy the contemporary urban experience, relax and tour the countryside; but whatever you do, the Woodster is an integral part of a larger, personal experience, about how we move in the world around us.

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