XLAB: Real Remote Control

ISL Online remote access software

ISL Online allows users to really do what other software companies only claim to do – allow users to connect to other computers from a remote location – quickly, efficiently and securely. Designed for consumers, mobile professionals and IT organisations, ISL Online's solutions empower over 120,000 business users like Konica Minolta, IBM and IDEXX.

ISL Online is actually not one but four products rolled into one powerful package, comprised of ISL Light – remote desktop support; ISL AlwaysOn – remote access; ISL Pronto – live chat; and ISL Groop – web conferencing. With their unique All-in-One license, clients can use the package according to the number of licenses purchased: one license for one product active at a time, with any four products available.

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ISL Light is easy to use remote desktop control software preferred by help desks offering time and cost-efficient technical support to clients. ISL Light lets them connect to any computer, even behind the tightest firewalls, in less than 30 seconds to view and control a user’s desktop that needs real-time online support. And it can control any Windows, Mac or Linux computer, even from a mobile devices.

ISL AlwaysOn provides a secure and firewall-friendly access to your PC from anywhere, anytime,  even if the computer is unattended. A computer or a server can be set up in two minutes and gain browser-based remote access from virtually anywhere – again, even from a mobile device.

ISL Pronto is a live chat software, enabling users to answer inquiries and support requests online. Quickly embedded on a website, ISL Pronto creates an on-demand link with website visitors, who simply click on the 'Live Chat' button to instantly get in contact.

And ISL Groop is a simple online meeting and webinar software for businesses, which lets users share screen and use video conferencing to enjoy interactive communication over the Internet.

In fact the ISL Online system has been rated the best remote desktop software in the industry, and called the "only choice" for small operations by the most influential German and British IT magazines, c't and PC Pro. Better user experience is a top priority, like enabling users to customise their software's interface (GUI), use it in a local language (768,25 available translations), and on all popular computer operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile device (iOS, Windows mobile).

ISL Online ISL Online is the main software product of XLAB, an innovative IT business based in Slovenia, XLAB, providing SaaS and proprietary server-based remote support and web conferencing services since 2003. It securely connects millions of Internet-enabled devices across the globe with their SaaS's Private Cloud Network alone hosting more than 5 million sessions per year.